Tree House Children's Centre
Where Learning and Fun go Hand in Hand
Tree House Children's Centre
Unique Values:

*We provide nutritious meals and snacks that follow the Canada Food Guide

*Transportation from Greendale Elementary is available

*Field trips/special events are planned frequently for the children's enjoyment and to enhance learning

*Daycare offers spacious open concept rooms with lots of natural lighting and bright decor

*Out of School Care and Preschool programs are conveniently located in the facility directly next door to the Daycare

*Fully fenced licensed playground featuring climbing structures, swings, sandbox, etc.  (located at both centres)

*Large centre allows for up to 25 children in the daycare and 40 in the Out of School Care

*We follow provincial staff rules and regulations

All Children belong to this world and should be given the same advantages as everyone else.  They have the right to associate with their peers in a centre where attitudes of understanding and acceptance are encouraged.  

At Tree House Children's Centre, the families are provided with a service that will promote the well being of each member of the family and provide many opportunities for the children to realize their full potential by meeting their needs for social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual growth (simple song prayers thanking God for our food are sung at snack and lunch time with the younger children.  Christmas nativity is also incorporated into our Christmas themes).  

Families want to see their children happy and making friends, enjoy learning, and having new experiences.  Tree House hopes to be the foundation the child needs to become an accepted valuable member of this community.  

Tree House has an open door policy where families are able to drop by, observe and or participate in the activities of their child's day.
Staff are dedicated and trained to provide an excellent environment for all students focusing on the needs of every child as they teach by discovery and example.

We believe that children are our future and what we give a child today will be with him/her forever.